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Humanists of Minnesota
P.O. Box 582997
Minneapolis, MN 55458-2997

Humanists of Minnesota Officers

Board of Directors

Audrey Kingstrom President 952-924-1039
Harlan Garbell Vice President 612-928-0888
Brad Bolin Treasurer 612-600-7352
David Guell Secretary 763-494-4095
Mahad Muhammad Member at Large 612-807-6373
Dale Handeen Member at Large 612-221-8594
Christina Royal Member at Large 216-622-0701
Rohit Ravindran Member at Large 773-290-7667
Mark Coffey Member at Large 612-385-8747

Newsletter Editor

Nathan Curland

Website Developers

Clint Buhs
Rohit Ravindran 773-290-7667

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