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    Join us Sat., April 15th at our monthly chapter meeting for Dr. Jim Bowyer’s talk: The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise. Global economic expansion and resource consumption increase the urgency of finding a solution to the raw materials procurement problem. What is the risk of ignoring global equity concerns?

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    We support the Minnesota End-of-Life-Options Act that would allow terminally-ill adults to self-administer prescribed medication to end their lives if their suffering becomes unbearable. Click here to add your support of end-of-life choices for Minnesota residents. Help lobby for this bill's passage.

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    We aspire to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment and contribute to the greater good of humanity and the planet through reason, science, compassion and creativity. 

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Blog: Humanist Voices

The Humanists of Minnesota is a nonpartisan organization. Despite the near certainty that a strong majority of our members and meetup group participants skew left of center, we still have our political differences. One thing we should all agree on though is the importance of measurement and evidence-based politics. (To be sure, just because we can't or don't measure something doesn't mean it's not important.) Given the inadequacies of GDP, we need to take into account additional or alternative measures of progress. Minnesota Compass publishes statistics on various measures related to well-being. Now, what do we measure and why? Let the discussion begin.  (Challenge: Think of all the things you would like to see the state of MN measuring that are not listed on Minnesota Compass.  Adult scientific literacy?  A scorecard on church/state separation?  What would you add?)

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